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Ripped Jeans & Cropped Halters

Hello everyone!

Here’s another set of photos from a photoshoot I did with my good friend Talieson Jones. These were taken on ¬†a beautiful day in Edmonton near an elementary school by Whyte Ave. With this outfit I was going for just a casual Spring look, maybe something to wear when walking downtown during the day or running some errands, yet with these strappy wedges it adds a hint of sophistication. If it were up to me I would literally choose to wear a good pair of heels or wedges with anything and everything (also because I’m very short, haha). Hope you guys will enjoy these. I have a ‘Favorites’ post coming up next! Stay tuned ūüôā


Top: Brandy Melville, Jeans: Garage, Bracelet: Aldo, Sunglasses: Aldo, Shoes: Spring.

Top: Brandy Melville, Jeans: Garage, Bracelet: Aldo, Sunglasses: Aldo, Shoes: Spring.









Thanks for reading!

Charmaine, xx


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Blues, Blacks, and Golds

Hi there!

I realize it’s been eons since I’ve posted everything. Unfortunately life’s been getting in the way, but since this semester is soooo close to being over I thought I’d start posting again. Over the past couple of months I’ve found it very hard to balance everything (there’s still many things I have to catch up on) and I’m a little mad at myself for not posting anything at all. I think that so often as people we’re so focused on pleasing others, working on deadlines, and focusing on the ‘important things’ that we forget to focus on ourselves and doing what makes us happy. One of the reasons I made this blog was to just step back from this complicated world and focus on myself and what I like to do. Above all I’m sorry to others who read this blog (or just look at the pictures), but I’m also sorry to myself for cutting out something important to me. Anyway, I would like to thank my dear friend Talieson Jones (you can check him out on instagram @instantclassik) for always putting up with my picky-ness when it comes to taking my photos! He’s the most creative, artsy guy I know, and he is extremely talented. Here are a couple of images of an outfit I wore a couple weeks ago (the weather was unbelievably beautiful). Enjoy!

(Shirt: It was a gift from my bff Angela, it's from Forever 21, Shorts: City Streets, Wedges: Spring, Shades: Talieson where did you get these?)

(Shirt: It was a gift from my bff Angela, it’s from Forever 21, Shorts: City Streets, Wedges: Spring, Shades: Talieson where did you get these?)20150313_172945edit





Thank you for reading! Promise I’ll post again soon!

Charmaine xx

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Georgie and Elaine: New Contemporary Clothing Line


Hello everyone!

Just recently I’ve discovered an emerging contemporary clothing brand based in New York City called “Georgie & Elaine“. The name of the brand comes from a beautifully enchanting love story based on Devin VanderMaas (the founder)’s grandparents named Georgie and Elaine. The collection represents an accurate representation of the old American luxury and modern romance, with pieces of excellent quality, feminine silhouettes and act as the perfect staple pieces to any and every wardrobe. I’ve managed to choose my three favorite pieces from their collection, and believe me when I say how hard of a time I had only trying to pick three!!

1. Arielle Lace Skirt

I know I shouldn’t be picking favorites…. but this HAS to be my absolute favorite piece from their collection. This lace skirt is a combination of beige, copper and gold, a metallic flex cotton/nylon with silk stretch charmeuse interlining and an exposed metal zipper to do it up. Literally, this skirt looks like royalty to me… Like if I could imagine the Duchess of Cambridge in a miniskirt… it would without a doubt be this one! You can see how much detail and how much work went into making this skirt and I think that’s what makes it so elegant. It’s the perfect staple skirt and is great for nearly any occasion!

Arielle-Fall-Fun-3-600x900 Arielle-Lace-Mini_Front-600x600

2. Amy Silk Tank Top

My next favorite is without question an amazing staple piece for any wardrobe… it’s the Amy Silk Tank Top. This tank top is an asymmetrical silk stretch charmuse tank and it comes in white AND black (what more could you ask for)!¬†This top is extremely flattering, very fun, flirty and can go with anything. You can wear it on a night out, a dinner, a party, to work, to the grocery store, or even ¬†a lazy night in… literally any occasion. All you gotta do is fancy it up or fancy it down to go with whatever you’ll be doing (accessorizing is key).

Amy-Front-600x900 Amy-Tank-Black-Front-1-600x900 Amy-Tank_White_Front-600x600 Amy-Tank_Black_Front-2-600x600

3. Mattson Silk Dress 

The Mattson Silk Dress  is the PERFECT Summer dress. This dress is a light peach color and is 100% crinkle silk chiffon with silk stretch charmeuse lining, an elastic waistband and an asymmetrical hemline. I LOVE this dress because the material of it makes it very flattering on and the flowy-ness of it makes it fun yet extremely sophisticated and modern. This dress is very diverse and can be styled in so many ways which I love. It can be worn with wedges, a sun hat, cowboy boots, flip flops, a statement necklace, flats, pumps, even a sparkly clutch. Asymmetrical dresses are SO in this summer and seriously this is probably the best quality dress you will find!

mattson_no-back-600x1225 Mattson_Front-600x600

What’s great about Georgie & Elaine’s products is that every piece is a staple ¬†piece, so they will never go out of style. Every item they make is 100% authentic, is of amazing quality, is contemporary, modern, fun, flirty and is sure to flatter every body type. What’s even more unique about them is that they use¬†love¬†as their every day inspiration which is very unique to find in shops nowadays, and you can tell that they really put their heart into what they do. Very generously, the brand has offered all my readers a 25% discount on all products using the code:¬†INFLUENCER25 , which will last FOREVER (how cool is that)!

*Yes, this post is sponsored*

To learn more about Georgie & Elaine visit their website (georgieandelaine.com), facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GeorgieAndElaine), their twitter (https://twitter.com/GeorgieElaine), instagram (http://instagram.com/georgieloveselaine), pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/specialareyou/georgie-elaine/) and tumblr (http://gandelifestyle.tumblr.com/)

If anyone has any questions please feel free to send an email to the Georgie & Elaine team at sales@georgieandelaine.com

Thank you for reading,

Charmaine xx


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May 23

Shirt: Forever 21 - Pants: Pseudio - Shoes: Spring - Watch: Sammydress

This picture cracks me up hahaha


Shirt: Forever 21 – Pants: Pseudio – Shoes: Spring – Watch: Sammydress








Just an outfit from a night downtown with some pals of mine.

Charmaine x

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be weŠīČrd

Okay, so I really love this sweater dress.. besides the fact that it is extremely comfortable, the reason I bought it was solely because of the two words it displayed: Be Weird.

There are truly no¬†words to describe how important I think it is to embrace our differences and to, yes… be weird. For a long period of time in our lives, we are so concerned with what others are doing and we are constantly trying to fit in with everyone else, but then almost overnight we strive to be different and start embracing who we really are. ¬†Of course, on the journey to find ourselves, people will tell us (yes even the people we love) what we’re doing wrong, or that they think we’re wasting our time, or that we’re not good enough or that we’re weird, strange, or that we try too hard, ¬†but the truth is none of that should matter. None of that should ever matter.

I mean, realistically it’s hard ignoring other peoples comments, it really is, especially if you’re someone like me and those comments stick with you days on end. But over the years I’ve learned something, something very important… It’s not worth it to react. Don’t start a fight, don’t say some rude comment, don’t go off crying… don’t do anything.¬†Because holding our end is what will make us stronger, wiser, happier and most importantly will make¬†us the better person. So be an artist, a singer, a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, a nerd, a cheerleader, an actor, a model, a designer, a writer, a dancer, a director, a student, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a soldier, or whoever, but be the best version of you… ¬†be weŠīČrd.

Dress: Ardene - Shoes: Spring - Necklace: ASOS

Dress: Ardene – Shoes: Spring – Necklace: ASOS







swatting away some bugs


Thanks for reading,

Charmaine xx



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Driving Range!

On Saturday it was a gorgeous¬†day out, so Alyssa, her mom and I decided to hit some golf balls at a driving range near Peggy’s Cove. Unfortunately there are no pictures of us golfing because we were really into it and also the camera was left in the car, but here are some photos that were taken afterward. Enjoy!






Vest: Smart Set – Tank: Forever 21 – Shorts: A vintage shop (brand is: Sparkle and Fade) – Shoes: Spring – Sunglasses: Ardene








And of course… we had to get some ice cream! I got two of my favorites: Cotton Candy and Birthday Cake. Soooo good!

What a fun day!

Charmaine xx


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The Skater Skirt

Hello everyone!

Here is another “Five Outfits” post where I take one staple from my wardrobe and incorporate it into 5 different outfits. This post involves a staple that I think should be in every¬†girl’s¬†wardrobe this Spring… the ever-so-popular: Skater Skirt. I have a couple of these in my closet but for this post I chose to wear my polka-dot skirt! Feel free to scroll-on and figure out the various way this skirt can be worn or just look at the pictures, haha :). Enjoy!

1.¬†This is an outfit that you would wear during the transition between Spring and Summer, or the transition between Summer and Fall… where its warm, yet still cold. I realllly like the way that the coat flows down with the skirt, and this outfit could go with any style peacoat or any style skirt.


Jacket: Forever 21 – Skirt: Forever 21 – Bag: American Eagle



2. This next outfit is pretty straight forward, a loose t-shirt and the skirt. It doesn’t always have to be tight tank tops or crop tops, sometimes I really like wearing baggy shirts, much more comfy! This shirt has a very silky-sheer feel to it, although I would have much preferred this shirt in cotton, I do love the design of it.

Shirt: Sammydress - Skirt: Forever 21

Shirt: Sammydress – Skirt: Forever 21



3. I know I have shared posts with this crop top previously but that’s because I’m obsessed with it! I love it because it’s unique and it’s not the typical bralette crop or crop tee. ¬†To make it into a night-on-the-town kind of look I just paired it with a watch and necklace (but of course you could wear any type of jewelry with this outfit).

Shirt: Garage - Skirt: Forever 21 - Necklace: Ardene

Shirt: Garage – Skirt: Forever 21 – Necklace: Ardene



4. This is more of a grungy comfortable look, maybe for a colder day in the Spring or Fall. I love the baggy sweater, it’s so comfortable and it actually looks good with the skirt just like the peacoat (it flows down with the skirt nicely). I decided to wear a bright shirt to add a pop of color to the outfit… Gotta love that color pop!


Shirt: Ardene – Sweater: Forever 21 – Skirt: Forever 21 – Satchel: Twig boutique

Shirt: Ardene – Sweater: Forever 21 – Skirt: Forever 21 – Satchel: Twig boutique



5. This is definitely more of a Summer day outfit. I really love this bralette (because it’s red and red is my favorite color), and also it can go with anything high-waisted (same with any bralette or crop top). I love mixing and matching different patterns in tops and bottoms, especially crops and skirts or shorts; such a good Summer look!


Shirt: Garage – Skirt: Forever 21 – Necklace: Garage





That was all five! Thanks for reading,

Charmaine xx


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