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Named the biggest boy band of our time, has 3 successful chart-topping albums, recipients of countless awards such as many Billboard Music Awards, Brit Awards (including the Global Success award), several MTV awards and has won every award ever nominated for on the Teen Choice Awards, creators of their own fragrance: Our Moment and That Moment and stars of their own film: This Is Us, One Direction is spoiling their fans yet again with their own brand of  make-up called The Looks Collection. 

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The Looks Collection comprises of three tins, each inspired by One Direction’s internationally successful albums: Up All Night, Take Me Home, and their latest… Midnight Memories. Like their first album, the Up All Night make-up tin can easily be described as playful and fun, the Take Me Home tin will give you a simple yet gorgeous ‘Girl Next Door’ kind of look, and the Midnight Memories make-up tin can give you a rock n’ roll look… just as their newest album sounds.

The Up All Night collection tin cleverly has every product named after one of the hit songs on the platinum album and houses all the beauty essentials nicely and conveniently and contains:

“4+1” Eye Shadow Palette: This palette has four powder shadows and one creamy glitter shadow. The palette consists of mostly blues but also has two neutral colors to help balance out. In my opinion, the powder shadows are of lovely quality, however the cream/glitter shadow I find is a little chunky and uneven.. making it difficult to work with, although still a really nice color.

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“Little Black Dress” Mascara: This is the only product in the tin that has a name of one of the boys’ songs NOT in the Up All Night album (this is because I think this mascara is featured in every make-up tin). In my opinion this mascara is average, it does its job well but it’s not something I wouldn’t be able to live without. I felt I had to apply a couple of coats before I was satisfied with my eyelashes.

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“Na Na Na” Nail Polish: This nail polish is a beautiful aqua-teal color (the photo doesn’t do the exact color justice) and although appears quite opaque, it’s actually quite sheer and would probably require 3 or four coats. (The only reason I didn’t put any on my nails is because I just painted mine the day before…oops)!

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“Taken” Lip Gloss: This lip gloss is actually a gorgeous color, it doesn’t appear as bright and bold as you think it would be just by looking at the lip gloss container, but its quite sheer, sparkly and very pretty!

“I Should Have Kissed You” Lipstick: … What an appropriate name for a lipstick! Very clever. Unlike the lip gloss, this lip stick is extremely bold and matte. Because the lipstick is so matte, I would advice moisturizing your lips very well beforehand to prevent your lips from drying out while wearing this bubblegum/lilac pink!



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“Stand Up” Eyeshadow Crayon:  This is probably my favorite product in this tin. It’s a dark blue shadow stick and I was very surprised with how well it worked and how vibrant and pretty it was on the skin. The fact that it was so easy to put on was a bonus!

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Bonus Five-Piece Stencil Set: To be honest I have no idea what these would be for, they could be body stencils or just random stencils. They could be used on paper or even to decorate and personalize your tin (that’s probably what I’m going to do with them). Anyway, it is quite random but a fun add-on to the collection.

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“The Looks Collection” released in the United States on August 11th at Macy’s… International dates TBA.

Overall, I thought that the quality of the tin was right up there with the other drug-store brands. To be honest I would have preferred the “Take Me Home” Tin because the colors are very neutral and gold/brown based which I prefer to wear on my eyelids… but I do think the colors in this tin are extremely fun and easy to work with. The great thing about these tins is that you can try so many different combinations and looks, which is essential in any ‘make-up kit’. I think every Directioner will love these tins as an add-on to their collection, and the quality of the make-up is very nice. I most definitely recommend them.

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To learn more about the Looks Collection and about the international release dates, please visit the Make Up By One Direction Facebook page:

Thanks for reading!

Charmaine xx


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Hello everyone!

These photos are from a month or two ago (oops, totally forgot about them) when my parents and I decided to hit up a lovely Greek restaurant in Dartmouth Crossing, Nova Scotia called Ela! It was such a beautiful restaurant with plenty of options on the menu and various choices of Greek dishes and Greek-inspired food. I will definitely have to go back again soon! It was extremely good 🙂

Surprised when they picked me up in this beauty.... I definitely had convertible hair after this ride I can tell ya that!

Surprised when they picked me up in this beauty…. I definitely had convertible hair after this ride… a hat was definitely needed.


Romper: Marshalls - Hat:  Wal-Mart (Super Cheap!) - Satchel: Spring - Shoes: Wal-Mart (Also very cheap!) - Sunnies: Asos

Romper: Marshalls – Hat: Wal-Mart (Super Cheap!) – Satchel: Spring – Wedges: Wal-Mart (Also very cheap!) – Sunnies: Asos












For Lunch we started off with an Appy. We had roasted Halloumi cheese with spinach and fennel. I was extremely anxious and excited to try it because I have heard a lot of rave about Halloumi cheese and I can honestly say it DID NOT disappoint me… it was very good! For the main course I HAD to get pasta (fav). The pasta I got was a penne pasta with a cream-wine sauce, chicken, red bell peppers, and Parmesan cheese… one of the best pastas from a restaurant I’ve ever had! Keith got  the haddock, potatoes and veggies… the sauce on the haddock was really good and the potatoes were perfectly roasted with some spices. Mom was the bravest and got an actual Greek dish called Moussaka.. It’s like a lasagna… but Greek! (and she also had Greek salad on the side.) Instead of ground beef, it has lamb in it and a couple different ingredients. I really liked it, it was different. Dessert was a must… The second we all saw Vanilla Bean Cheesecake on the menu we were like YUP! Needless to say we all gained 10 pounds after this meal… oops!











Thanks for reading!

Charmaine x

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A Day at the Camp

Hello friends!

About a month ago, the fam and I decided to go to the camp at Keith’s fathers place just to pay a visit and check out the water. It’s such a beautiful spot out near New Ross, Nova Scotia… kind of in the middle of nowhere… but that’s the best part about it! Knew it was going to rain a bit throughout the day so I decided to wear comfortable pants (not JEANS that stick to my legs when rained on… yuck!), and a crop tee 🙂






Shirt: Garage - Pants: Garage - Shoes: American Eagle - Sunglasses: Asos - Bag: Etsy

Shirt: Garage – Pants: Garage – Shoes: American Eagle – Sunglasses: Asos – Bag: Etsy




Although it was cloudy, and rained a bit later on, it was a lovely day to spend with family.

Thanks for reading!

Charmaine x


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Zebras and Trench Coats

Hello! These pictures were a bit last minute, my brother decided he wanted to work on his photography skills… so he’s to thank for these ones. It was a cloudy day but it was warm, so I wore the shorts due to the heat and the jacket in case of the rain. I am in love with these zebra patterned high-waisted shorts… they’re so fun and can literally be worn with anything. On this day I just chose to pair them with an average grey crop top, just to keep it simple. I thought the jacket was a nice ad-on because it really changed the outfit.


Shirt & Shorts: Garage - Jacket: Vera Moda - Shoes: American Eagle - Sunglasses: Sunglasses Hut

Shirt & Shorts: Garage – Jacket: Vera Moda – Shoes: American Eagle – Sunglasses: Sunglasses Hut








My dog wanted to play tug-a-war really bad...

My dog wanted to play tug-a-war really bad…

Thanks for reading!

Charmaine x

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Flowers In Her Hair

Hello friends!

This Summer my favorite trends are by far 60’s inspired sunglasses, floral hair accessories and anything with fringe! On this beautiful day, I have put together all of my favorite trends in one outfit, also sporting a crop and high-waisted shorts (another Summer favorite). Hope you’ll enjoy this look as much as I did!





Flower Crown: NastyGal - Sunglasses: Asos - Cardigan: Marshalls - Shirt: Garage - Shorts: Garage - Sandals: Wal-Mart

Flower Crown: NastyGal – Sunglasses: Asos – Cardigan: Marshalls – Shirt: Garage – Shorts: Garage – Sandals: Wal-Mart





Thanks for reading,

Charmaine x


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Superfood Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This evening for dinner I had an extreme craving for grilled cheese… but being on a bit of a  health kick I decided to be a little spontaneous and make something a little different: A “Superfood” Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Below are the ingredients I used:

  • Whole Grain Bread (you can use whichever bread you want to really… I just prefer whole grain)
  • Butter
  • Mozzarella Kraft Singles cheese (You can use whichever cheese you would like)
  • Mrs. Dash
  • 1 Whole avocado
  • Kale
  • Mango

I used one leaf from my Kale bunch




Remove the seed of the avocado and start mashing it with a fork… the consistency you want the avocado to be is up to you… I liked that there were little chunks in it.



I am going to be completely honest, I actually used 3 slices of cheese, but BELIEVE me.. two is enough.. 3 makes it really gooey (still good).. but extremely gooooey!



There are several different types of mangoes, I don’t think it would matter what kind you used… (It looks like I took a giant bite of the mango but I actually took this picture of it after I started cutting it… terribly I might add). The amount of mango you use is up to you, I cut about 2/5 of the mango and julienne’d the slices.



Just a dash of Mrs. Dash is needed 🙂




I started off by buttering the exterior slices of bread, then added the mango, crushed avocado, Mrs. Dash, Kale and then the slices of mozzarella. I cooked the sandwich on medium for a couple minutes until both sides of the bread were toasted nicely.



and…… VOILA! A “healthy” take on the average Grilled Cheese Sandwich! The mango added a refreshing sweetness to the sandwich.. and although unusual to put on one, it was definitely necessary!




Hope that you’ll give this a try… I know it’s a little different, but it really is delicious!

Thanks for reading,

Charmaine x

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Mixing and Matching

This post was actually made a couple weeks ago.. and I forgot to publish it.. oops! This was just a casual day doing casual things. Thought it would be fun to mix up some patterns and put them together somehow. I think that plaid can pretty much go with anything, and although I found it pretty risky pairing it with these stripy pants… I think it worked out alright!









Thanks for reading,

Charmaine x

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