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Splurge or Save


1. Milanoo VS. Valentino

Milanoo and Valentino

The heel on the left is from a website called Milanoo (which I’ve recently discovered is a type of website that has like everything from watches to jackets for a decent price) called the “Black PU Leather Studded T-Strap Spike Heel Pointed Toe Dress Sandals” (dare you to say that 5x fast!). This shoe was made to look as identical to Valentino’s as possible, and is quite convincing. Valentino’s famous designer shoe (right) is called the “Rockstud Patent Leather Sandal”. I personally, am a big lover of this style shoe, it’s very chic and can give an edgy feel to an outfit… which I love! Now obviously I prefer the Valentino’s because they are real leather so they are bound to be more comfortable and I like that the heel  isn’t too high. However, the Milanoo shoe is a great alternative which is like 1/100th of the price!

Milanoo Heels: $25.99                             Valentino Heels: $1,133.34


2. Nordstrom VS. Tom Ford

Nordstrom vs Tom FordCat-eye sunglasses have grown to become really  popular… especially this season. The cat-eye shades on the left are from Nordstrom and are called “The Diamond Brunch”, these are all black as you can see, but also come in other shades/patterns and have a gold symbol on the handle of the sunglasses. The sunglasses on the right are by the ever-so-famous Tom Ford and are called the “Nikita Cat-Eye Sunglasses”, these sunglasses are without a doubt beautiful just as all his other sunglasses. However, honestly, I prefer the Nordstrom pair. I really like the thick rims and just the slight flick of the cat-eye rather than too dramatic… Even though sometimes dramatic is a good thing.

Nordstrom: $63.79                                                 Tom Ford: $360.00 



(Photo Credit goes to the links above)

Charmaine xx


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Splurge or Save

This is a series that I’m starting where I take a designer product and compare it to a look-a-like that’s much cheaper. The purpose of this is to show people dupes of their new favorite designer product in an attempt to show them how alike the products are and how big the price range gap is!  Although I like to splurge every now and again, the rest of the time I want to be saving my money rather than have my bank account suffer a slow downward spiral. For each splurge or save I will choose two products… Let’s begin!


1. Boohoo VS. Lilly Pulitzer

Boohoo vs Lilly Pulitzer


The dress on the left is from Boohoo and is called the ‘Gina Neon Bright Geo’ shift dress. This dress looks a lot like the dresses Lily Pullitzer has in her new collection because it contains bright colors and fun patterns. Lilly Pulitzer’s ‘Lindy Beaded’ dress (right) is just one example of her beautiful bright, colorful, fun shift dresses in her new collection.

Boohoo Dress: $55.00                                          Lilly Pulitzer Dress: $188.00


2. Spring VS. Kate Spade

Spring vs Kate Spade

The satchel on the left is from Spring (Call It Spring)  and is called the ‘Schorl’ satchel in light yellow. This bag looks a lot like the Kate Spade ‘Cedar Street Maise’ satchel on the right, however this bag has a feature lock on it, is a lighter yellow, and is a bit smaller than the Kate Spade satchel, but is 1/12 the price!

Spring Satchel: $24.98                             Kate Spade Satchel: $298.00



(photos were taken from the links above)

Charmaine xx



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