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From the Streets of Toronto

Hello everyone!

Below are several scattered pictures which I just recently found buried in my photo album from my trip to Toronto with Alyssa this past August. So, rather than making several posts on the different days we were there I thought it wise to just throw them all together in one big post. We were only in Toronto for a couple of days but I still occasionally  find myself reminiscing about the beautiful city. There was so many wonderful people and the environment everywhere we went was lovely. I learned that in Toronto, there is always something to do and I can’t wait to go back there again.

Note #1: Exploring a city in which you have no idea where anything is, is probably the most fun in the world. – Even though you’re lost 98% of the time.

Note #2: It’s totally okay to take pictures like a crazy tourist (It’s fun and it’s a must to capture the memories).

Note #3: Trips with your best friend = expensive (especially when you’re both shopaholics). But oh so worth it. Cheers!



Shirt: Forever 21 - Bag: Etsy - Shorts: American Eagle - Sandals: American Eagle

Shirt: Forever 21 – Bag: Etsy – Shorts: American Eagle – Sandals: American Eagle















Shirt: Garage – Necklace: Aldo – Shorts: City Streets – Sandals: Wal-Mart






Shirt: Forever 21 - Shorts: Garage - Sandals: American Eagle - Bag: Etsy - Sunnies: The Sunglass  Hut

Shirt: Forever 21 – Shorts: Garage – Sandals: American Eagle – Bag: Etsy – Sunnies: The Sunglass Hut


Unimpressed with Alyssa for some reason hahaha


Thank you for reading!

Charmaine x



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Hello everyone!

These photos are from a month or two ago (oops, totally forgot about them) when my parents and I decided to hit up a lovely Greek restaurant in Dartmouth Crossing, Nova Scotia called Ela! It was such a beautiful restaurant with plenty of options on the menu and various choices of Greek dishes and Greek-inspired food. I will definitely have to go back again soon! It was extremely good 🙂

Surprised when they picked me up in this beauty.... I definitely had convertible hair after this ride I can tell ya that!

Surprised when they picked me up in this beauty…. I definitely had convertible hair after this ride… a hat was definitely needed.


Romper: Marshalls - Hat:  Wal-Mart (Super Cheap!) - Satchel: Spring - Shoes: Wal-Mart (Also very cheap!) - Sunnies: Asos

Romper: Marshalls – Hat: Wal-Mart (Super Cheap!) – Satchel: Spring – Wedges: Wal-Mart (Also very cheap!) – Sunnies: Asos












For Lunch we started off with an Appy. We had roasted Halloumi cheese with spinach and fennel. I was extremely anxious and excited to try it because I have heard a lot of rave about Halloumi cheese and I can honestly say it DID NOT disappoint me… it was very good! For the main course I HAD to get pasta (fav). The pasta I got was a penne pasta with a cream-wine sauce, chicken, red bell peppers, and Parmesan cheese… one of the best pastas from a restaurant I’ve ever had! Keith got  the haddock, potatoes and veggies… the sauce on the haddock was really good and the potatoes were perfectly roasted with some spices. Mom was the bravest and got an actual Greek dish called Moussaka.. It’s like a lasagna… but Greek! (and she also had Greek salad on the side.) Instead of ground beef, it has lamb in it and a couple different ingredients. I really liked it, it was different. Dessert was a must… The second we all saw Vanilla Bean Cheesecake on the menu we were like YUP! Needless to say we all gained 10 pounds after this meal… oops!











Thanks for reading!

Charmaine x

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A Day at the Camp

Hello friends!

About a month ago, the fam and I decided to go to the camp at Keith’s fathers place just to pay a visit and check out the water. It’s such a beautiful spot out near New Ross, Nova Scotia… kind of in the middle of nowhere… but that’s the best part about it! Knew it was going to rain a bit throughout the day so I decided to wear comfortable pants (not JEANS that stick to my legs when rained on… yuck!), and a crop tee 🙂






Shirt: Garage - Pants: Garage - Shoes: American Eagle - Sunglasses: Asos - Bag: Etsy

Shirt: Garage – Pants: Garage – Shoes: American Eagle – Sunglasses: Asos – Bag: Etsy




Although it was cloudy, and rained a bit later on, it was a lovely day to spend with family.

Thanks for reading!

Charmaine x


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Beach Day Essentials: Part One

Originally I came up with this idea as something to post onto WGWT, but I figured it wise to share it with you guys first! Below I have gathered fashion pieces that I think are necessary for a beach day in honor of the beginning of Summer (as I write this, it is actually pouring rain outside… so maybe this is my way of fantasizing about the perfect weather that could be… haha). This is part one of my Beach Day Essentials consisting of only fashion pieces (minus the random camera), my part two post will be “Beauty Essentials” which I will be posting later on this week. I will also have all the items linked below in case any of you were interested in where to buy them. Heeeeeeeere we go!


1. A Kimono Cover-up – If you get a bit chilly on the beach or if you don’t feel like grabbing an ice-cream cone in just your bathing suit (lets get real here it’s way too much effort to throw all your clothes back on), a kimono is a great way to… you know… not feel so naked… or cold

2. A Hat – Protect your beautiful face from harm from the sun with a gorgeous sun hat, fedora, baseball cap, or this straw hat! (Nobody likes a sunburnt peeling face).

3. Sunnies – Sunglasses are a wonderful accessory to add onto any look in the Summer, but is also very important to protect those eyes! (Just make sure you don’t wear them too long… sunglass tanlines are so not cute)

4. Bathing Suit – This one is pretty self explanatory. I went for a strapless top to prevent strappy tan-lines! (Also I think the frills are really pretty)

5. Body Chain – I’ve never actually been into body chains, not until recently. They look really cute with a bathing suit (as long as you don’t get a tanline from them because that would look totally freaky), and I actually really like this one because it’s simple.

6. Beach Bag – This is a necessity to put all your stuff in… Duh! You can’t just carry a grocery bag filled with stuff to the beach!… Well I mean you could but this bag with lemons on it would probably look 600x more fabulous.

7. Super Awesome Beach Towel – I personally like to separate my super awesome printed beach towels from my bathing/showering towels… but maybe that’s just me?

8. Flippy Flops – Bring sandals that are not too precious to you (but they can still be stylish like the ones in the picture above). Like for example don’t bring your favorite pair of white cotton sandal wedges because chances are they are going to get dirty and that would probably make you extremely sad.

9. Camera – Capture the memories with your friends. Beach days are the days in the Summer we live for, why not remember them clearly with pictures? I have been wanting this camera for ages and I think it’s time that I got onto the bandwagon. Afterall, look how small and cute it is. How can you not want it? (It comes in a couple other colors too!)

All the items shown can be found at the links below:

Thanks for reading, hope you’ll tune in for part two!

Charmaine x

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Easter Easter!


Every holiday, each family has their own traditions, on Easter Sunday when I was growing up we would always go to church, do an Easter egg hunt and eat turkey dinner. I haven’t been home for Easter in years because of school, and let me tell ya, it still feels weird not being home. The last time I was at my mom’s for Easter, we went on an ‘Easter walk’ and walked along some trails in Edmonton. Since then I’ve been in school and I’ve missed my mom’s glorious Easter turkey dinner… which makes me and my stomach very sad. This year (today) I am at my dad’s in Nova Scotia celebrating Easter, and since cooking a turkey is too much for two people, we decided to order a chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet (which was actually very delightful), we bought strawberry rhubarb pie from a local seller  who I call ‘The Pie Lady’ (Now if you know me, you know that I love all pie… even if it’s bad it’s still probably good) and we’ve been watching tv… back and forth from movies to hockey. It feels kind of like a normal day to me though… not the same without the house smelling like turkey! Anyways I hope you all had a great Easter spending time with your family and friends.

Here are some of the pictures taken from today, it’s not a lot but it’s all I got… Enjoy!

This is my... 'staying at home' unfortunate yet Easter color coordinated outfit

This is my… ‘staying at home’ unfortunate yet Easter color coordinated outfit. Also since I wasn’t planning on going anywhere, I kept a fresh face.  (Pale blue off the shoulder shirt was my best friend Robyn’s, she got it from Aritzia a couple of years ago, coral-colored sweat shorts are from Ardene which was purchased last year).


I even have blue socks on.. in public this would probably be a fashion disaster but I'm at home so it's allowed

I even have blue socks on.. in public this would probably be a fashion disaster but I’m at home so it’s allowed. (I have no idea where these socks are from but they are fun and I quite enjoy them)

Nails are in the Easter spirit

Nails are in the Easter spirit. (This picture doesn’t really do the nail polish justice, they are much more bright and coral-ly in real life!)

In case anyone is interested in the name of the nail polish

In case anyone is interested in the name of the nail polish

Kinder eggs are my favorite!!




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Little Ol’ Me


Hello everyone!

I figured I would do an “about me” post considering you may not know that much about me. I want you guys to know me pretty well so I am going to post 105 facts or things about me. I mean I could write in paragraph form and stuff but that will be a whole lot of writing and reading, so this is my way of making it a little simpler for the both of us.  Enjoy!

  1. My full name is Charmaine Ashley Millaire
  2. I was born in Comox BC (Canada), on November 7th 1993
  3. I have lived in Comox BC, Sackville and Fall River NS, Smiths Falls ON and Morinville and Camrose AB
  4. I have attended a total of 6 schools in my lifetime
  5. Between Jr. High and High School I played volleyball, basketball, badminton and rugby
  6. My favorite movies are: Harry Potter (all of them), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Love Actually
  7. I can quote nearly every line in every Harry Potter movie because I’ve seen them all a billion times… I regret nothing
  8. My favorite tv shoes are: Modern Family, Friends, Sex and The City, Boy Meets World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (I love like every show)
  9. I drink like 3 bottles of water every day and at least 2 cups of green tea
  10. Mangoes are my favorite fruit… but I also loooove berries
  11. Tigers and dogs are my favorite animals
  12. I like bananas… but I prefer banana flavored things, such as banana bread, or banana muffins
  13. My favorite colors are red, tiffany blue, and coral
  14. I love leggings
  15. I am very self-conscious
  16. I’m terrified of spiders, great white sharks (even in pictures) and scary movies
  17. I’m obsessed with all things British
  18. My mom was born in the Philippines and is Filipino… so that makes me half filipino
  19. My dad was born in Montreal Quebec and is very French… so that makes me kind of french
  20. I have one brother who is four years younger than me
  21. I am a shopaholic
  22. Having a dad and a step-dad make me the luckiest girl in the world
  23. I love hanging out with my family outdoors (quadding, playing sports, running around)
  24. My dog Duke is everything to me, i looooove him
  25. I am constantly checking my emails because I’m always waiting for replies
  26. My dream job is to write for Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Vanity Fair or any big magazine in fashion or beauty.
  27. My favorite Disney movie is  The Jungle Book!! (Frozen and The Little Mermaid are close behind!)
  28. My favorite Disney princes are Flynn Rider and Eric
  29. My favorite Disney princesses are Jasmine and Ariel and Elsa.. (but she’s a queen)
  30. I love daisies and pink roses
  31. My male celebrity crushes are: David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, James Franco and Ryan Gosling (but who doesn’t love him like really)
  32. I work out every day (or at least I try to)
  33. Ice cream is my favorite dessert (pie and cheesecake are right behind it)
  34. I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn
  35. I can’t eat too much chocolate, it’s way to sweet for me
  36. But I love chocolate with something else in it (like Skor bars, Reese cups, Crunchie bars.. ya know)
  37. I loooove green smoothies
  38. My moms cooking is the best cooking in the world
  39. My favorite food is pasta (any pasta)
  40. I’m also a major fan of tacos
  41. I plan on travelling the world one day (hopefully very soon), but my top three places to travel would be Europe (England, France and Ireland), Australia and Dubai
  42. I want to work in New York City as a writer
  43. I am a writer for an online magazine called CANCULTURE
  44. I am uncomfortable swimming in very deep water for long periods of time
  45. My favorite smell in the world is the smell of the ocean
  46. When people ask me where ‘home’ is to me, sometimes I don’t have an answer, I have plenty of places that feel like home to me
  47. My favorite superhero is Thor (Chris Hemsworth duh) and Batman (because Batman is, and always will be awesome)
  48. My favorite film actresses are Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel McAdams and Emma Watson
  49. In my opinion Ellen Degeneres is the best person ever
  50. Cruella De Vil is my biggest childhood fear… She still terrifies me
  51. When I go out for drinks with friends I usually order a Cosmopolitan or a beer (that’s if I don’t find anything interesting in the drink menu)
  52. My feet are a size 6 but also fit in a size 7 depending on the brand of shoe
  53. I like being short sometimes, but really… I wish I was 5’6
  54. I HATE mushrooms… even when people say “oh you can’t taste them in this.” Trust me, I CAN TASTE THEM
  55. I am not the biggest fan of red meat (although I love ground beef), I’m more of a chicken, or turkey person
  56. I hate birds, they freak me out
  57. Also cats scare me because their claws are so sharp
  58. I love to laugh
  59. I am not a coffee drinker, too much caffeine gives me massive headaches
  60. I LOVE tea (for some reason tea doesn’t give me headaches)
  61. I love love love Starbucks
  62. I try to keep myself away from negative people
  63. I would say I have more than a couple best friends, and I am very close with each of them
  64. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies
  65. My favorite movies that always make me cry are The Notebook, The Titanic, and A Walk to Remember
  66. I’m not the biggest fan of movie theater popcorn, it makes me feel sick
  67. When I witness other people throw up I suddenly feel the need to throw up
  68. I think vomiting is absolutely disgusting and I hate whenever it happens to me
  69. My favorite numbers are 7, 13 and 20
  70. I don’t have any favorite sports teams, I like watching all sports
  71. My favorite bands are One Direction, The 1975, The Beatles, 5 Seconds of Summer and The Fray
  72. I love Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus and Lorde
  73. I’m obsessed with make-up, I think it’s so much fun
  74. I have a growing lipstick collection
  75. I do cheekbone exercises every day to enhance my cheekbones….. (don’t judge me)
  76. My nails always have to be painted (they look prettier that way)
  77. I get very high anxiety over little things
  78. I am a very honest person
  79. I think the most important quality in a person is how loyal they are
  80. I love Lush, everything smells sooooooo good
  81. I am obsessed with Youtubers (Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg, Marcus Butler, Tanya Burr, all those guys are awesome and I live vicariously through them)
  82. I am self-conscious about my body and my smile
  83. Cosmopolitan and Vogue are my favorite magazines
  84. My favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars (I’m still reading it, but it is amazing and I think everybody needs to read it. Also Pretty Little Liars and Angus Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging are a couple of my other favorites)
  85. I don’t like watching the news. I know it’s important to keep informed and all that, but it just seems too depressing for me and I am just not a fan
  87. I think the families in Modern Family are exactly how family should be with eachother
  88. Yoshi has always and always will be my favorite Mario character
  89. My biggest ‘injury’ was stitches in my ankle from my brother running over it with a tricycle when I was 7 or 8 ( I don’t even know how old I was)
  90. I have no allergies
  91. I LOVE cotton candy
  92. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday
  93. My favorite subject in school was Gym class, fashion and english
  94. My favorite subject in University/College was drama
  95. I hate math because I suck at it
  96. I overthink everything
  97. I love taking pictures (of everything), I want to be able to look back on all my memories, and show my kids what their mom looked like in her unfortunate junior high years
  98. I love singing and dancing, I’m terrible at both, but I’m not afraid to do either in front of people in public
  99. I am very confident
  100. I cannot drink medicine, I think it tastes disgusting and it makes me want to vomit, I’d rather take pills (no I am not a pill popper)
  101. I have never smoked anything in my life and I don’t plan to. I have no interest in drugs or cigarettes
  102. I try not to have regrets, but I regret anything mean I have ever said to anybody (words can’t be unsaid… Remember that)
  103. I think it’s very important to step out of your comfort zone
  104. I love everything country
  105. I don’t like the rain, unless I’m  inside and have a blanket and a book or a movie… then I love it


Well that’s a wrap! I’m going to be honest, the whole time I was writing, I was questioning who I even was because it took me forever to think of things about myself haha. Hope you feel like you know me a little better than before. Thanks for reading 🙂


Charmaine xx

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The name of my blog



Whoever comes across my blog will probably be wondering why I would have named it “lulus&tiffanyblues”, and here’s why:

It took me a long time to even come up with a name for a blog, I wanted it to be unique, something nobody has ever heard before, and I wanted it to have a little bit of me in it.

“lulus”: the first part of the name is named after, yes you guessed it, Lululemon. Basically, I like what Lululemon stands for: living an active lifestyle, finding your inner peace, trying new things, travelling the world, having fun, and stepping out of your comfort zone. I think these are all very important factors in finding out who you are, and how you want to live your life. And also I’m a firm believer in comfortable pants (i.e. yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants etc.). I am not a fan of jeans because they can be rather uncomfortable. What I hate most about them is when you step out in the rain in a pair, they get wet, and you are no longer able to bend your knees while you walk because your jeans are soaked and are sticking to you… DISGUSTING FEELING. Anybody who knows me well knows I like a good pair of leggings. Basically I thought that “comfortable pants” or “stretchy pants” were a terrible name for a blog, and “lulu” had a ring to it.

“tiffanyblues”: the second part of the name is named after my favorite film (besides Harry Potter of course), Breakfast at Tiffanys and also my favorite color next to red, blue (tiffany blue)! I believe like there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every person. I think everyone has a side where they can be kind of dull, ordinary and blah, and everyone has a side where they can be exciting, adventurous and glamorous. The “lulus” part of the name represents one side of me, and “tiffanyblues” represents the other. Both sides in which I will be sharing with you guys here. I don’t want to just show one side of me to you because that wouldn’t be real. I’m here to talk about the real me, real things going on in my life, and my real opinions.

So basically that’s about it. The fact that the two happened to rhyme was a bonus!

Charmaine xx


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