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The Skater Skirt

Hello everyone!

Here is another “Five Outfits” post where I take one staple from my wardrobe and incorporate it into 5 different outfits. This post involves a staple that I think should be in every girl’s wardrobe this Spring… the ever-so-popular: Skater Skirt. I have a couple of these in my closet but for this post I chose to wear my polka-dot skirt! Feel free to scroll-on and figure out the various way this skirt can be worn or just look at the pictures, haha :). Enjoy!

1. This is an outfit that you would wear during the transition between Spring and Summer, or the transition between Summer and Fall… where its warm, yet still cold. I realllly like the way that the coat flows down with the skirt, and this outfit could go with any style peacoat or any style skirt.


Jacket: Forever 21 – Skirt: Forever 21 – Bag: American Eagle



2. This next outfit is pretty straight forward, a loose t-shirt and the skirt. It doesn’t always have to be tight tank tops or crop tops, sometimes I really like wearing baggy shirts, much more comfy! This shirt has a very silky-sheer feel to it, although I would have much preferred this shirt in cotton, I do love the design of it.

Shirt: Sammydress - Skirt: Forever 21

Shirt: Sammydress – Skirt: Forever 21



3. I know I have shared posts with this crop top previously but that’s because I’m obsessed with it! I love it because it’s unique and it’s not the typical bralette crop or crop tee.  To make it into a night-on-the-town kind of look I just paired it with a watch and necklace (but of course you could wear any type of jewelry with this outfit).

Shirt: Garage - Skirt: Forever 21 - Necklace: Ardene

Shirt: Garage – Skirt: Forever 21 – Necklace: Ardene



4. This is more of a grungy comfortable look, maybe for a colder day in the Spring or Fall. I love the baggy sweater, it’s so comfortable and it actually looks good with the skirt just like the peacoat (it flows down with the skirt nicely). I decided to wear a bright shirt to add a pop of color to the outfit… Gotta love that color pop!


Shirt: Ardene – Sweater: Forever 21 – Skirt: Forever 21 – Satchel: Twig boutique

Shirt: Ardene – Sweater: Forever 21 – Skirt: Forever 21 – Satchel: Twig boutique



5. This is definitely more of a Summer day outfit. I really love this bralette (because it’s red and red is my favorite color), and also it can go with anything high-waisted (same with any bralette or crop top). I love mixing and matching different patterns in tops and bottoms, especially crops and skirts or shorts; such a good Summer look!


Shirt: Garage – Skirt: Forever 21 – Necklace: Garage





That was all five! Thanks for reading,

Charmaine xx



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Pleather Pants

Hello everyone!
So about 2 weeks ago I made the bold decision to purchase the now ever-so-popular ‘pleather’ pants. I was a bit skeptical at first once the lady asked me if I needed a change room with the pants in hand, but once I tried them on I loved them… so of course they had to be purchased. The ones I bought were from a store called Pseudio, they are stretchy, high-waisted and comfortable (bonus, I know!). I bought it as a last minute outfit piece that I was going to wear that night downtown. After I wore them that night, I was a little worried the only use for them would be to hit the town, but just recently I’ve discovered several ways in which these lovely pants/leggings/things can be worn. Now what kind of person would I be if I didn’t share these ways with you?.. a terrible one! So I sorted out 5 different outfit options which include the pleather pants, for 5 different occasions. If you are interested in knowing the ways in which these pants can be worn, or if you just feel the need to read on or just look at the pictures, then feel free! Enjoy 🙂

1. A Night On The Town
The following outfit was put together with the idea of going out downtown, whether it’s hitting the club with your friends, or going for a couple of drinks. This outfit is chic, comfortable, and everybody looks good in black, so you are sure to look awesome. I am a major fan of the crop top, and this one is a little different and unique, so I love it. If you are not a fan of crop tops then just a black t-shirt or tank-top tucked into the pants would still look great.  I paired this look with a watch, no earrings or no necklaces. If I were to choose a bag for this outfit I would definitely go with a bright statement clutch. I kept my make-up simple but the eyeshadow a little dark to resemble the outfit, and plum colored lips. For shoes, personally I would choose to wear a black strappy sandal (not too high, maybe about 2 inches).


Top: Garage – Lipstick: Wet n’ Wild’s Sugar Plum Fairy in 908C – Watch:





2. A Little Rock N’ Roll

The next outfit is Rock N’ Roll inspired. If you’re in a funky mood (or whatever mood you would be in wearing a rock-ish outfit), then this outfit is perfect. This is a good outfit to wear if you’re going to a concert,  if you’re just heading to the mall with some pals, or just going to school. I paired a cut-off sleeve band shirt with the pants, a gold and black triangle necklace (the jewelry isn’t necessarily needed, but it adds extra umph in my opinion), and a nude lip (this look isn’t supposed to look fancy, so I kept it simple). I love this top, especially for Summer, it goes great with anything really, and it’s sort of short so I guess it’s crop-top-y. For shoes I would pair this outfit with black combat boots or a chunky heel, also in black.

Shirt: Forever 21 - Necklace: Ardene - Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight 700

Shirt: Forever 21 – Necklace: Ardene – Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick’s Nude Delight in 700




3.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-Up

This next outfit is an outfit for everyday wear. It is casual, and fun and can be worn for walking around the city, running errands,  going to school… practically anything really. It’s not too fancy, and not too… slouchy and boring. This outfit consists of a bright colorful collared cotton button up (that was a tongue-twister), layered underneath a jean button-up shirt. Of course you can choose whether or not you want to button up the jean-shirt, but I chose not to because I wanted to expose the bright coral color of the shirt I had on underneath. For jewelry I have a dainty 3 chained necklace with a tiger pendant attached… Personally I would have went for an overall dainty necklace with a smaller pendant but unfortunately I didn’t have one with me! I chose to not wear any other jewelry because I believe this outfit is supposed to look a little more effortless. For hair, I chose the half-up half-down look with straight hair (even though I didn’t straighten it… oops), however my second choice would have been anything with a braid in it (a braided crown or a simple braid would look nice). For accessories, I chose to wear a tiny brown satchel with tiny jewels on it, my second option would have been a solid colored leather tote.  As far as footwear goes for this outfit, I would wear a pair of black flats, knee-high rider boots (no heel) or a wedged heel.


Jean Shirt: American Eagle – Coral Button Up: Ardene – Necklace: Ardene – Brown Satchel: Aldo – Lipstick: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balms in Tease (130) and Coquette (110)



This picture must have been taken after I decided to do something to my hair……..



4. Edgy and Black

This next look I love, it was inspired for almost any occasion. This outfit can be worn going out for drinks with friends but too lazy to bring a coat for coat check, for shopping, to the movies, going for a walk downtown etc… see any occasion! I like how the fabric of the pants contrast with the fabric of the sweater, which makes this look comfortable, fun and again very chic. This outfit consists of a baggy sweater which is made up of 100% acrylic fabric which is sooooo soft, with a giant number 12 on it (which doesn’t stand for anything… I don’t know why they chose the number 12, I guess it looks cool or something) and it is super comfy, not itchy at all which is awesome. The accessories for this outfit is a faux black leather satchel and a thick gold chain which adds a little bling and dimension to the outfit (a fun, colorful ring would also look amazing with this outfit). I chose a red lip for this outfit to add a pop of color, but of course I think any color would look awesome (it would depend where you were going or what you were doing). As far as shoes go, for this outfit I would choose little black booties, or cheetah print heels to add a fun pattern.

Sweater: Forever 21 - Gold Chain: Aldo - Black Satchel: A boutique called Twig - Lipstick: Revlon's Super Lustrous' Cherry Blossom in 028

Sweater: Forever 21 – Gold Chain: Aldo – Black Satchel: A boutique called Twig – Lipstick: Revlon’s Super Lustrous’ Cherry Blossom in 028





5. O Holy – Sweater

So this is my final look for the pleather pants extravaganza. This is one of my favorite looks because it’s a little more creative and a little more fun. Essentially this look was created because the sweater had holes in it and is a bit see-through and I was looking for something to wear underneath it. Now normally I would choose to wear a solid black tank-top or something, but this looks so much more exciting to me! Rather than a black or solid undershirt, I paired this thick blue hole-y sweater with a fun button-up patterned shirt underneath. The button-up shirt I have on underneath is a very pale shade of pink and has several colorful flowers on it (very Spring-y!) 100% polyester and is therefore very sheer and thin, so you don’t need to worry about it frumping and bunching up underneath the thick sweater. I buttoned up the collared shirt all the way up to the collar to expose the collar. I like that this sweater has a wider neck-hole (I don’t even know what the correct term is but I’m gonna call it a neck-hole for now) because it shows off the under shirt quite well. I also like the contrast of the two fabrics together, because if they were both of the same fabric… it would look a little strange. I decided to tie my hair up for this look in a loose pony tail with loose wavy curls in order to expose the collar, and I also decided not to wear any jewelry with this look (although a dainty ring would have looked cute). For shoes I can only see myself wearing little black booties honestly. And finally I chose the bright pale pink lipstick because the color wasn’t too dark and too bold, and it matched the brightness of the button-up.


Sweater: American Eagle - Button up shirt: Ardene - Lipstick: Revlon's Super Lustrous' Primrose in 668

Sweater: American Eagle – Button up shirt: Ardene – Lipstick: Revlon’s Super Lustrous’ Primrose in 668





Well I hope you found some of these outfits inspiring or helpful in any way. It’s a lot of fun for me to share my fashion knowledge and ideas with you guys! There will definitely be more posts like this in the future. Thanks for reading 🙂



Charmaine xx



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